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Lizars Fire-backed Pheasant, Euplocomus ignitus, Macartney Cock, c1835

Lizars Fire-backed Pheasant, Euplocomus ignitus, Macartney Cock, c1835

by Lizars, William Home

Antique Print of Fire-backed Pheasant of Java, named after Lord Macartney, who first described this beautiful game bird in a description of the Embassy to China.
Original fine hand-coloured steel engraving by William Home Lizars (1788-1859) for Sir William Jardine’s Naturalist’s Library 'Gallinaceous'(Game Birds) in the series of Ornithology, printed in Edinburgh circa 1833 by W.H. Lizars.

Between 1833 and 1843 Lizars engraved between 30 and 40 plates from drawings by leading naturalists for each of the 40 works of Sir William Jardine's "Naturalist's Library", a comprehensive series on all kinds of fauna.  WH Lizars engraved some of the most exquisite miniature portraits ever done. Son of Daniel Lizars (1754-1812) and brother of anatomist John Lizars (c1787-1860), William was a pupil of engraver Andrew Bell (1726-1809). William’s father Daniel Lizars engraved portraits as book illustrations and was also a publisher and engraver of some merit.
Sir William Jardine, (1800-1874) was a Scottish naturalist who was particularly keen on Ornithology. He was also keen on Lizar's sister, Jane Home Lizars, whom he married.

Page size is 17 x 10cm (6.6.x 4 inches). Mounted in antique white colour rag matt conservation board & covered in cellophane for protection/presentation, the external measurement for framing is 28 x 22cm (11 x 8.6 inches). There is a mark in the centr above the image, & the price has been adjusted accordingly.

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