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John Gould Himalayan bird, Muscicapa melanops lithograph c1831.

John Gould Himalayan bird, Muscicapa melanops lithograph c1831.

by Gould, John

Rare original hand-coloured lithograph circa 1831 of Male & Female birds, Muscicapa melanops from A Century of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains. Original hand-coloured lithograph drawn from nature and on stone by John Gould's artist wife, Elizabeth Gould (1804-1841) after a sketch by John Gould (1804-81). One of the first lithographs ever published by John Gould.

When he was only 27, working as Curator Preserver of the Museum of the Zoological Society in London, John Gould began the first of the grand ornitholocial publications illustrating with large hand-coloured lithographs, the birds of different regions of the world. The fine hand-coloured lithographs differ from later works in that the backgrounds were left uncoloured, so that the birds stand out clearly.Over fifty years, beginning in 1830 when he was 26, Gould published over 3,000 large, hand-coloured lithographic plates of birds from different regions of the world, and on different families of birds, for his 15 major publications.

In 1909, The Gould League of Bird Lovers in Australia was named in honour of ‘the father of Australian birds’ John Gould (1804-1881), and ‘the mother of Australian birds’, his artist wife Elizabeth Gould(1804-1841). John Gould became known to all as 'The Bird Man'. His lithographs of Birds of Australia circa 1840-8 are some of the finest Australian bird illustrations ever.

This extremely rare lithograph measures approximately 22.75 x 14.5 inches (553 x 367mm). There are a few foxing spots, but it is still a wonderful lithograph.

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