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Inigo Jones architecture. Royal Palace river frontage wing c1727.

Inigo Jones architecture. Royal Palace river frontage wing c1727.

by Jones, Inigo

Antique print of Inigo Jones elevation and floorplan for frontage of a wing of the river frontage of the main London royal residence from 1530 to 1698. This palace, with over 1,500 rooms, was the largest palace in Europe. Except for the Banqueting House it was destroyed in the great fire of London in 1698.

Original rare copperplate engraving by 'H. Hulfsbergh' (Henrik Hulsbergh) from the drawing of 'Henricus Flitcroft' (Henry Flitcroft), of 'Ignatius Iones Architectus' (Inigo Jones architecture), for The Designs of Inigo Jones, Consisting of Plans and Elevations for Publick and Private Buildings. Publifh'd by William Kent, With some Additional Designs published in London in 1727. Illustrating neo-classical architectural designs of great British architects, the majority of engravings for this superb publication illustrate the work of Inigo Jones (1573-1652), who is considered to be the 'father of classical English architecture'. The first to introduce classical Italian Renaissance architecture to Gothic Britain, Jones believed strict mathematical proportion should control plan, elevation and all structure.

Dutch engraver Henrik Hulsbergh worked in London and flourished as an engraver between 1709 and 1729.
Henry Flitcroft (1697-1769) was born in Twickenham. As the son of a labourer in the employ of William III, in the gardens of Hampton Court Palace, Henry was apprenticed to a joiner and worked as a carpenter at Burlington House - until he fell from a scaffold, broke his leg, and came to the attention of Lord Burlington who became his patron and managed his training as an architect. 'Burlington Harry' became Master Carpenter between 1746 and 1748, and went on to become Deputy Surveyer and then succeeded Thomas Ripley as Comptroller of the Works and lived in the former Master Mason's House.

With later hand-colour, this engraving is in good condition despite light spot of foxing in the upper margin at the top and slightly indented paper at top right.

Size to plate mark is: 380 x 255 mm (15 x 10 inches). Page measures approximately 510 x 360 mm (20 x 14 inches).

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