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Lizars Hummingbird engraving, Trochilus Coeligena. c1833

Lizars Hummingbird engraving, Trochilus Coeligena. c1833

by Lizars, William Home

Hummingbird antique print. Purple Humming-bird, Trochilus Coeligena from Mexico. Apparently rare, it is described as " violet to a brilliant and sparkling red, while below, it is tempered in the shade with a chaste  and beautiful grey."

Beautiful finely engraved original hand-coloured steel engraving by eminent Edinburgh engraver W.H. Lizars (1788-1859) for the Trochilidae Naturalist’s Library series of Humming-Birds published in London circa 1833 by Sir William Jardine. Utilizing the expertise of eminent naturalists in each field, Jardine employed William Home Lizars to  engrave over 1,200 different species of animals, fish, birds and insects. They are considered the finest miniature nature portraits ever done. Beautifully coloured, each stands out from its uncoloured engraved background. Sir William Jardine, (1800-1874) was a naturalist who was particularly keen on ornithology - and also on Lizars’ sister Jane Home Lizars, whom he married.

Fine, small bird portrait by W.H. Lizars, in good condition with the usual slight 180+-year ageing of the paper. Size of engraving is 9.5 x 16cm (3.75 x 6.25 inches). This engraving is accompanied by the text describing it so well.

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