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Startled! Horse with snake, after 17yr-old Edwin Landseer's drawing.

Startled! Horse with snake, after 17yr-old Edwin Landseer's drawing.

by Landseer, Edwin

Delightful engraving of a Horse with Snake, from the 1819 drawing by Edwin Landseer - showing his natural talent as an animal artist. Landseer shows horses in a distant field, but the grazing horse in the foreground has been startled by a snake. The horse has a raised foreleg, eyes fixed on the snake, and his mane has quite fallen forward as he pulled his head down and back. 

Fine original steel engraving by C. Lewis, published in London circa 1878 for “The Works of Edwin Landseer, R.A.” a collection of the most famous works of this most celebrated animal painter. Edwin Landseer excelled in depicting animals. He developed great skill in showing their anatomy, and brought his subjects to life with his observant expertise in drawing them.

Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873) studied with his father at the Royal Academy. He achieved great professional and social success and was a favourite painter of Queen Victoria. Edwin Henry Landseer was elected to the Royal Academy in 1831 and was knighted in 1850. As a sculptor he is best known for his bronze lions at the base of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square.

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