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Black Long Armed Gibbon. White Long Armed Gibbon. Antique Print c1808

Black Long Armed Gibbon. White Long Armed Gibbon. Antique Print c1808

by Shaw, George

George Shaw Antique Print of Gibbons c1808. Black Long Armed Gibbon & White Long Armed Gibbon.

Original copperplate engraving c1808 by Eastgate for George Shaw's General Zoology: or Systematic Natural History published by George Kearsley between 1800 and 1825. After graduating from Oxford University in 1772, George Shaw (1751-1813) began working in the medical profession. As with many naturalists of his time, George Shaw became engrossed with the use of botanical extracts in treatments. He changed careers in 1786 to become assistant lecturer in Botany at Oxford University.

In 1788 George Shaw was a co-founder of the Linnean Society, and in 1789 he became a Fellow of the Royal Society. George Shaw was appointed assistant-keeper of the zoological department of the British Museum in 1791. Apparently he resorted to writing to supplement his low income. His employment of fine natural history artists and engravers for his publications provided some of the finest illustrations ever produced.

The majority of engravings for Shaw's works were not coloured at the time of publication, but the later hand-colour certainly brings the animals to life. Approximate page size is 23 x 15cm (9 x 6 inches).

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