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Quadruped ant-eaters. Moles, Shrews, Hedge-hog families antique print c1811

Quadruped ant-eaters. Moles, Shrews, Hedge-hog families antique print c1811

by Rees, Abraham

Genus Talpa, Mole. Genus Sorex, Shrew. Genus Erinaeus, Hedge-hog. Antique print of Mammals from Rees's Cyclopaedia.

T. Capensis, Cape Mole. T. Longicaudata, Long-tailed Mole. T. Europaea. Common Mole. Sorex Minutus, Minute Shrew. S. Moschatus, Musky Shrew. S. Araneus, Toetid Shrew. E. Europaeus, Common Hedgehog. E. Ecaudatus, Madagascar Hegehog.

Original copperplate engraving of marine mammals by J. Scott after the drawing by eminent Welsh natural history artist, Sydenham Edwards, for The Cyclopaedia; or, Universal Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and Literature, the brainchild of Presbyterian clergyman and scholar, Abraham Rees (1743-1825). Publication of this enormous undertaking began in London in 1802, published by Longman and Rees. Publication was not completed until 1820, and publishers varied during this time.
Rees commissioned scientific experts in each field, and the foremost artists. The work was entirely hand-set and printed from engraved plates. Each engraving was printed on 'hand-wove' paper. By 1812 when this engraving was published by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown, it was known as The New Cyclopaedia.

Illustrations were printed separately from their text, and have been collected ever since first published. This engraving has fine later hand-colour and is in excellent condition. Page size is 265 x 203mm (10.5 x 8 inches)

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