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Redouté Australian Bottlebrush antique engraving of Metrosideros lophanta

Redouté Australian Bottlebrush antique engraving of Metrosideros lophanta "bottlebrush". Redoute c1800.


by Redouté, Pierre Joseph

Rare antique print of Redouté's Australian Bottle-brush, Metrosideros lophanta, with flower dissections below - engraved c1806.

Beautiful rare stipple engraving by Gabriel from the drawing by Pierre Joseph Redouté (1759-1840) for Henri Duhamel du Monceau's "Traite des arbres et arbustes que l'on cultivee en France en pleine terre" (Trees and Shrubs that are grown in the ground in France) published in Paris between 1800 and 1819. This wonderful series of hand-coloured images included a number from Australia.

Redoute worked in Paris from 1782, and was instructed in plant anatomy by wealthy amateur botanist Charles Louis l'Heritier de Brutelle with whom Redouté also worked in London where Redoduté mastered the art of stipple engraving. Back in Paris, L'Heritier introduced Redouté to botanist Gerard van Spaendonck who employed Redouté as his assistant at the Jardin de Roi (King's Garden, now Jardin des Plantes, at the National Museum of Natural History). Spaendonck is responsible for Redouté's mastery of watercolour.

Redouté was official court artist to Queen Marie Antoinette until she was imprisoned, and after the revolution he was employed by Napoleon's wife, Empress Josephine, and illustrated the plants from around the world that were growing in her extensive garden at Malmaison. Large engravings of Redouté work are quite rare in good condition.

The wonderful texture to the hand-made paper from this period as usual shows a slight age tone - as to be expected over the 200 years since publication. Page size 51cm x 34cm (20 x 13.5 inches)

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