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Bottle-Trees of Queensland, North Australia. Brachychiton rupestris. c1886

Bottle-Trees of Queensland, North Australia. Brachychiton rupestris. c1886


Bottle Trees of Queensland, North Australia antique print.

Dr George Bennet, of Sydney, New South Wales, has sent us an account of that curious tree, the "bottle-tree" of Queensland, North Australia, accompanied by the drawing we have engraved. "On Nov. 10, 1871 when on a visit at jimbour station, Darling Downs, the property of the Hon. Joshua P. Bell, Colonial Treasurer, I was invited," he says, "to visit part of the run a few miles distant, where some very fine specimens of "bottle-tree" were growing. On the following morning I set out with Mr. Bell and Mr. E.A. Gaden to examine these trees. After passing over some of the fine sheep pastures on the station, we came upon a sandy soil, in which eucalypti and other gigantic myrtles flourished, as well as all kinds of acacias - the Brigalow, wattle, and bastard Myall - here accompanied by a character of Australian vegetation indicating a poor soil. It was among these that we observed the peculiar trees termed, from the singularity of their form, bottle-trees..."

Original wood engraving c1880. This engraving is the lower half page (separated) from an early English periodical, with printing on the reverse - which we are lucky, includes a full description of the subject of the engraving.

The actual engraving measures 15 x 23.5cm (approximately 6 x 9 1/4 inches) - on paper size 18.5 x 27cm (7 /4 x 10 5/8 inches). This engraving is on fine paper and has a slight crease (which fortunately aligns with the engraving so is barely noticeable. This engraving is mounted between antique-white ragmat and covered with cellophane for presentation and protection until framed.

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