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Australian Wonga Wonga Vine Tecoma australis. Antique print c1895

Australian Wonga Wonga Vine Tecoma australis. Antique print c1895

by Maiden, J.H.

Called Supple-jack vine because of tough, straggling stems, and Bignonia Pandorae or Trumpet Flower. It is found throughout Australia except Tasmania and Western Australia. This is an interesting and decorative illustration of Wonga Wonga Vine with flowers and dissections, seeds and seed pods, and foliage by botanical draughtsman Richard Baker and artists E.W. Minchen and H.J.A. Baron for Joseph Maiden (1859-1925). Tecoma australis, named by English botanist Robert Brown, belongs to the family of Bignoniaeae, Tecoma is from Mexican name Tecomaxochitl, and Latin australis meaning southern.

For greater appreciation by the public of the Colony's principal flowering shrubs, plants, ferns, and forest trees of economic importance, between 1895 and 1898 the New South Wales Department of Mines and Agriculture (Forest Branch) published groups of botanical lithographs with both botanical and common names. J. H. Maiden, F.L.S. was assisted by W.S. Campbell, F.L.S. in selecting and compiling 28 botanical specimens for this work.

The page size is 240 x 180mm (9.5 x 7 inches). Image size is 225 x 150mm (9 x 6 inches).

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