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Australian Red Bottle-brush, Callistemon lanceolatus lithograph c1895

Australian Red Bottle-brush, Callistemon lanceolatus lithograph c1895


by Maiden, J.H.

Australian Bottle-brush antique print circa 1895 by E.W. Minchen and H.J.A. Baron, after botanical draughtsman R.T. Baker. With common name as well as botanical name by English botanist George Bentham (1800-1884), the New South Wales Department of Mines and Agriculture (Forest Department) published "The Flowering Plants and Ferns of New South Wales" by J.H. Maiden, F.L.S., assisted by W.S. Campbell, F.L.S. to familiarize the public with the Colony's principal flowering shrubs, plants, ferns, and forest trees of economic value. Botanist Joseph Henry Maiden (1859-1925) became director of the Sydney Botanic Gardens, and a leading avocate for the conservation of native forests, and trees in urban areas.

Named Callistemon from Greek kallistos (very beautiful), and stemon or stamen (alluding to the stamens of this species), the Latin lanceolatus (lanceolate, refers to the shape of the leaves). From the Myrtaceae family, some Callistemon shrubs grow to trees of 10 metres. They were found in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

The page size is 240 x 180mm (9.5 x 7 inches). Image size is 225 x 150mm (9 x 6 inches).

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