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Australian Ophiorrhiza australiana, Benth. Flora of Qld. Bailey c1900.

Australian Ophiorrhiza australiana, Benth. Flora of Qld. Bailey c1900.

by Bailey, Frederick Manson

Antique print of Australian Snake Root. FM Bailey.

Original lithograph circa 1900 by F.C. Wills (with later hand-colour).
Bailey’s contribution to the records and illustrations of Queensland species is second to none. He wrote numerous papers, but his “Flora of Queensland” with finely lithographed illustrations, published between 1894 and 1902, was his greatest memorial. A self-educated botanist and a kindly man, Frederick Manson Bailey, C.M.G., F.L.S. was a foundation member of the Royal Society of Queensland.

In 1839 Frederick Manson Bailey (1827-1915) migrated to Australia with his family.At the age of 12 he commenced work at his father’s plant nursery in Adelaide. After an attempt at gold mining at Bendigo in 1858 he went to New Zealand and bought land. In 1861 he moved to Brisbane where he opened a plant seed store. He also began collecting plants for sale to overseas institutions. In 1875 Bailey was appointed government botanist to investigate possible threat of pastures and plants to livestock. From 1880 to 1882 Bailey was acting curator of the Queensland Museum, and in 1890 was appointed Colonial Botanist. During the depression of the 1890’s Bailey’s appointment was suspended, but he continued his work. After public complaint, he was reinstated in 1902 on half salary.

Very light-weight paper with slight stretching of left side. Paper slightly age-discoloured. Page size 245 x 155 mm (9.5 x 6 inches).

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