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Australian Bauera rubioidees. Scrub Rose. River Rose. Curtis botanical engraving c1804.

Australian Bauera rubioidees. Scrub Rose. River Rose. Curtis botanical engraving c1804.

by Edwards, Sydenham

Antique print of Australian Madder-leaved Bauera c1803.

This plant, a native of New Holland, received the above name in honour of the two Bauers, natives of Germany, both very eminent botanical draughtsmen in the employ of this country (England); the elder brother at the Royal Garden at Kew, the younger now on a voyage of discovery in the South Sea." The elder brother was Francis Bauer and the younger, Ferdinand Bauer who accompanied Matthew Flinders on his voyage of circumnavigation of Australia. Lovely original hand-coloured copperplate engraving by Francis Sansom after a drawing by the eminent Welsh botanical illustrator Sydenham Edwards for “The Botanical Magazine; or Flower-Garden Displayed” published in London circa1803 by T. Curtis. (Accompanying text is available.)

Illustrations for "The Botanical Magazine" have been revered for their scientific accuracy, and the natural pigments used in the early engravings have survived over two hundred years, ensuring their beauty endures today. Publication of "The Botanical Magazine" was begun in 1787 by William Curtis (1746-1799) Praefectus Hortis of Chelsea Physic Garden in London, “in response.. to solicitations for a work... (combining) Botany and Gardening”. Illustrating botanical specimens from around the world, this publication has been published continuously for over 222 years - now as “The Kew Magazine”.

Size of page 230mm x 150mm (9 x 6 inches). There is slight rippling towards the base from pressure during printing. This lovely flower engraving is mounted between antique white ragmat conservation board with a crimson line around the window, and cellophaned for protection until framed. The mount window is 215 x 125mm (8 1/2 x 4 7/8 inches).

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