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Quadruped named Kanguroo, found on the Coast of New Holland.

Quadruped named Kanguroo, found on the Coast of New Holland.

On Hold

by Cook, Captain James

Kangaroo antique print. Quadrupede nommé Kanguroo, trouvé sur la côte de Nouvelle Hollande. Rare copperplate engraving by François Godefroi after the oil painting by George Stubbs from the skin returned to England by Joseph Banks from Cook's first voyage. A drawing from the oil painting was engraved into a copperplate (in reverse from a mirror) so that engravings could be printed for circulation. This engraving was published Paris in 1774 for the French edition of Cook’s first voyage. Relation des voyages entrepris par ordre de sa Majesté Britannique actuellement régnante pour faire des découvertes dans l’hémisphere meridional, et successivement exécutés par le commodore Byron, le capitaine Carteret, le capitaine Wallis et le capitaine Cook dans les vaisseaux le Dauphin, le Swallow and l’Endeavour.

Sir Joseph Banks who was the naturalist on Cook's voyage, commissioned the great horse artist George Stubbs to paint the "Kanguroo" after the skin was sent to England from Australia. As the skin had to be inflated for painting, the shape of the kangaroo was somewhat distorted.. When the oil painting of the "Kongourou" was displayed by the Royal Academy in London, it was the first time the British public had seen such an animal. 

This engraving measures 210 x 155mm (approximately 8.25 x 6 inches) This is the rare vertical version - in fine original condition.

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