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Captain Cook sighting of Kanguroo (Kangaroo). Engraving after Stubbs c1773.

Captain Cook sighting of Kanguroo (Kangaroo). Engraving after Stubbs c1773.


by Cook, Captain James

Kangaroo antique print. A Singular Animal Called Kanguroo Found on the Coast of New Holland. This is the first European depiction of a Kangaroo - a wonderful, rare copperplate engraving, that was published circa 1780 to illustrate Captain Cook's first voyage around the world. It is probably the most famous early interpretation of this Australian marsupial. 

Captain Cook's official artist, Sydney Parkinson had sketched the kangaroo during the crew's stay while Endeavour was repaired near Cooktown. Naturalist Sir Joseph Banks who was on Cook's voyage, commissioned the great horse artist George Stubbs to paint the "Kanguroo" after the skin was sent to Britain from Australia. As the skin had to be stuffed without anyone knowing what it should look like, the kangaroo was a little distorted.. The oil painting was displayed by the Royal Academy in London. It was the first time the British public had seen such an animal. An engraved plate was carved from the oil painting so that the image could be circulated around the world, included in books about Captain Cook's voyage of discovery.

This engraving measures 15.5 x 21cm (approximately 6 x 8.25 inches)

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