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The World on Mercator's Projection. J&F Tallis 1st edition c1851.

The World on Mercator's Projection. J&F Tallis 1st edition c1851.

by Tallis, J. & F.

First edition Tallis antique map with steamship route around the world c1851.  The World on Mercator's (flat) Projection. The map drawn and engraved by J. Rapkin. Illustrations by H. Warren & Engraved by J.B. Allen. Published in London by J. & F. Tallis, London & New York. vignettes are of Mt Vesuvius, Pont Neuf, Paris, The Pyramids of Ghizeh, Niagara Falls, Gibraltar, Constantinople and London. Steam Route to the Colonies is shown with a blue line. British Colonies are outlined in red. Pink wash to British Colonies, and blue wash around coastlines are contemporary (from time of publication). 

Tallis and Company were renowned for publishing high quality illustrated books and atlases that were illustrated by fine steel engravings. The distinctive Tallis style incorporates delicately engraved 'cartouche' title-pieces, borders and 'vignette' scenes relative to the subject or region depicted. Maps include important views, flora, fauna and people.

As principal map engraver for Tallis & Company, John Rapkin was greatly responsible for the Company’s reputation as publishers of accurate and attractive maps. Tallis maps were embellished by fine engravings and borders that were first drawn and then engraved (in reverse from a mirror image) by skilled map illustrators. Engraving illustrations was expensive. In 1865 Tallis was among the last of the publishers of decorative maps and prints.

The map is in good condition except for missing corner at lower right and conservation tape reinforced splits at ends of central vertical fold. This map has minimal margins at the top and sides. (Price adjusted appropriately) Map page size is 350 x 270 mm (14 x 10 5/8 inches).

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