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Mappe-Monde. World Map with new Discoveries. Delamarche after Vaugondy c1806

Mappe-Monde. World Map with new Discoveries. Delamarche after Vaugondy c1806

by C.F. Delamarche / Robert De Vaugondy

Mappe Monde Par le Sr Robert de Vaugondy Géographe, Corrigée et Augmentée des Nouvelles Découvertes par C.F. Delamarche, son successeur. 1806. ("Corrected and augmented by new discoveries" being those from Captain Cook's third voyage, which is shown on this map, published in Paris in 1806. Charles François Delamarche claimed to be the successor to Robert de Vaugondy, Senior (Gilles Robert de Vaugondy, 1688-1766) who was Geographer in Ordinary to the King.

Original copperplate engraved map by Parisian publisher and cartographer, Charles François Delamarche (1740-1817), updating the map of the known world by eminent French cartographer, Sr. Robert de Vaugondy. Vaugondy maps were always highly regarded for their beauty as well as theirup-to-date geographic information.

Delamarche acquired the Vaugondy family of mapmakers' engraved plates from Jean Fortin, who had acquired them from Didier Robert de Vaugondy (1723-1786). The Vaugondy family had inherited the engraved map plates from the Sanson family of mapmakers from whom they were descended, and combined these with the information from Hubert Jaillot's maps and plates acquired after Jaillot's death in 1712.

With very pretty later hand-colour, this map is in fine condtion except for a few small foxing spots. The size of the map is 12.5 x 18 inches or 32 x 46cm. (It is currently mounted (part-way framed), between antique white rag-mat boards, with the map highlighted by mid-blue bevel around window, and further linewashed mat decoration, and cellophane-covered for protection.) 

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