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Map of the World: Meteorology, and Principal Plants. Johnson & Ward c1862.

Map of the World: Meteorology, and Principal Plants. Johnson & Ward c1862.

by Johnson, A.J.

Double Map of the World illustrating the Principal Features of Meteorology (with Rain Map), and Map of the World Showing the Distribution and Limits of the Principal Plants Useful to Mankind.

Colton map publishing firm established a reputation for their decorative maps with intricately engraved borders. The Company was financially assisted by Johnson, who acquired their steel-engraved map plates in 1859. Johnson, with a succession of partners, continued to produce maps in the Colton style until the late 19th century. This map was published circa 1864 by Johnson and Ward. Alvin Jewett Johnson (1827-1884) was a prolific American map publisher from 1856 to mid 1880s. From a poor background, with minimal education, he worked as a school teacher for several years before moving from Vermont to Richmond, Virginia to work as a salesman for map publisher J.H. Colton and Company in 1856. He immediately took to map-making, and published his first significant work, Johnson’s New Illustrated (Steel Plate) Family Atlas in 1860.

This is an interesting and decorative pair of maps. (Another pair of similar presentation-style follows.) The map has wide margins as published, but has acquired some soiling and offsetting - mostly outside the decorative map border. Page size: 560 x 360mm (approx. 22 x 14 inches). To outside of engraved border: 375 x 250mm (14.75 x 9.75 inches)

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