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Description de la Terre Soubs-Australe. Bertius South Pole c1616.

Description de la Terre Soubs-Australe. Bertius South Pole c1616.


by Bertius, Petrus

Bertius antique map, DESCRIPTION de la TERRE SOUBS-AUSRTALE. (Description of the Southern Land)
MAGELLANICA five TERRA AUSTRALIS INCOGNITA (Magellan’s Land or Unknown Land of the South)

Original copperplate-engraved map of the South Polar unknown lands, with sailing ship, sea monster and two compass roses. This map by mathematician, historian, theologian and cartographer Petrus Bertius (1565-1629) (based on that of Barent Langenes) was published in Bertius's miniature world atlas Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum (Miniature World Atlas) published in Amsterdam circa 1616 (later colour). This was one of the first maps to focus on the South Pole.

[This map has the incorrect spelling as Soubs-Ausrtale which was corrected and the map re-issued with the correct title of Soubs-Australe, indicating the South Pole, in 1618.]

Bertius (Bert), grew up in Beveren in Flanders. He completed his studies in Amsterdam, where he moved to avoid religious persecution. At Leyden University he was professor of mathematics and librarian; and after moving to Paris became Official Cosmographer to Louis XIII.

97 x 135mm (3.8 x 5.3 inches).    


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