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Cook: Mercator's Chart Drawn from the Lateft Discoveries c1794

Cook: Mercator's Chart Drawn from the Lateft Discoveries c1794

by Wilkinson, Robert

Antique map. Captain Cook's final voyage in Resolution 1776-1780. James Cook died during a dispute with Hawaiian natives on 4th October 1779. This map was published in London by Robert Wilkinson in 1794.

On his third trip Cook, accompanied by HMS Discovery commanded by Charles Clerke, left Plymouth in England in 1776. They sailed via Teneriffe and Cape Town, east across the Indian Ocean, south of Tasmania to New Zealand, and then north-east to Tahiti where he returned  Omai, a young man from Raiatea. Cook then travelled north to the Hawaiian Islands, north-east, and along the west coast of North America to search for the Northwest Passage. After passing through the Bering Strait they were stopped by ice so returned via the Aleutian Islands before returning to the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii). At Kealakekua Bay quarrels broke out between the Europeans and Hawaiians and Captain James Cook was killed by Hawaiian natives on 4th October 1779. Charles Clerke assumed command of the voyage and returned north to try to find the Northwest Passage. Unsuccessful, he died of tuberculosis. Under the command of John Gore the ships returned to London, arriving in October 1780.

This map is in very good condition with central vertical fold as published and with fine later hand-colour. Map to intaglio impression measures 28 x 46cm  (11 x 18 inches).

(This price is for map only. this map is currently half-framed, and the reflection is from the cellophane protective cover. There would be an additional charge for shipment in hand-decorated conservation ragmat mount.)



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