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Chica sive Patagonica et Australis Terra. MDC. Quad, c1600.

Chica sive Patagonica et Australis Terra. MDC. Quad, c1600.


by Quad, Matthias

Very rare early antique map of Antarctica region. Chica sive Patagonica et Australis Terra MDC (c1600).  Rare single sheet with two maps: Straits of Magellan, south of South America; & unknown southern continent, Terra Australis covering the South Pole. This map is embellished by a decorative cartouche and elaborate flowing script. The Latin text describes the existence of a southern land to the south of Nova Guinea, that “may well appear to be the fifth continent after having been discovered fully” - supporting the theory of Portuguese knowledge of Australia prior to Dutch discovery by Willem Janszoon in Duyfken in 1606, when sent by the Dutch East India Company.

One of the earliest polar maps of the Antarctic, this map is laid out in two sections. The upper section of this map shows Patagonia with Magellan's galleon Victoria on a stipple-engraved ocean and a large southern polar continent "Terrae Australis Pars" (Part of Southern Land). The lower section is a south polar projection with orientation of north to the left. At far left are rather large Solomon Islands above "Nova Guinea" (Papua New Guinea) and "Java Maior" (Indonesia) shown as islands, and "Terra Australis" (southern land) - all that was known of Australia, with "Maletur Regnum", "Beach" (based upon Marco Polo's Account), and "Lucach Regnum". Africa and Madagascar are shown at the right.

Adapted from Cornelis van Wytfliet’s map circa 1597, this map by German cartographer Matthias Quad (1557-1613), was engraved for Quad's Geographisch Handtbuch published by Johann Bussemacher circa 1600.  This is one of the earliest large-scale maps of the Magellan Straits (discovered in 1520 by Portuguese explorer and navigator in the service of Spanish King Charles).

With excellent hand colour, this is a very interesting map of superior quality. It is in fine condition with central vertical fold to accommodate the size of the publication. Size 220 x 285mm (8 5/8 x 11 1/4 inches). Please enquire re. additional cost for shipment as this map is beautifully framed with conservation materials.

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