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Chart of the Antarctic Polar Circle. Phillipe Buache, c1763.

Chart of the Antarctic Polar Circle. Phillipe Buache, c1763.

by Buache, Philippe

Antique map of Antarctica and Southern Continent (Australia). Buache c1763. Chart of the Antarctic Polar Circle with the Countries adjoining According to the Hypothefis of M. Buache. From the Memoirs of the Royal Accademy at Paris.

This map by Phillipe Buache, shows the uncharted, hypothetical east coast of Australia “New Holland” joined to Papua New Guinea in the north, Vanuatu (Terre du St Esprit) “Holy Ghost Land”, and Tasmania “Van Diemen's Land” in the south. Inside the Antarctic Polar Circle Buache mentions De l’Isle, Drake and Halley, marks "Land yet discovered", "Frozen sea as supposed", and hypothetical coastlines according to Ortelius and Koerius, dotted-in as "a land and ice spotted by sailors," with dates. This map is superimposed over an outline of land from the perspective of the North Pole, presenting the previously held hypothesis of the balance of the world sphere by southern land masses.

Antique map of Australia with hypothetical east coast... Original copperplate-engraved map by Phillipe Buache (1700-1773) for Geographical and Physical Observations, including a theory of the Antarctic Regions, and the frozen Sea which they are supposed to contain, according to the Hypothesis of the celebrated M. Buache, published in London, January 1763 in the Gents. Mag. (Gentleman’s Magazine).

Buache belonged to the French school of speculative cartography. In this map Buache has combined geographic knowledge from the journals of explorers and missionaries, direct astronomical observation, and his own geographic speculations. Antarctica was not charted for more fifty years after publication of this map. Buache’s map is centred on the South Pole with Antarctica extending north to Papua New Guinea and Indonesia.

Buache was trained by great French cartographer, Guillaume De l’Isle, whose daughter he married. Buache was appointed Premier Geographe du Roi (First Geographer to the King), a position that had been created for and previously held by Guillaume de l’Isle.

The map has vertical folds that were necessary to accommodate the size of the smaller publication for which it was engraved. Page measures 20.3 x 25.9 cm (8 x 10 1/4 inches), with generous margins except at top. To border measures 19.5 x 22cm.


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