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Celestial and Terrestrial World Maps. De l'Isle c1729.

Celestial and Terrestrial World Maps. De l'Isle c1729.


by De l'Isle, Guillaume

Le Globe Celeste (Celestial Globe), & Mappe Monde ou Description Generale du Globe Terrestre, suivant Mr de Lisle de l'Academie Royale des Sciences (World Map or General Description of the Terrestrial Globe after Monsieur (Guillaume) de l'Isle of the (French) Royal Academy of Sciences ). Rare pair of small early 18th century world maps, Celestial and Terrestrial double-sphere world maps after Guillaume Delisle, published by Zacharie Chatelain, c1729. This pair of antique maps of the world show the star groups in the heavens and the land masses on earth. It is rare to find such a pair of double-sphere maps of astronomy and geography, as they usually become separated.

Pair of original copperplate-engraved charts by Zacharie Chatelain circa 1729, from his pocket ‘scientific’ atlas Atlas La Science. These lovely little maps are after Guillaume De l'Isle (sometimes spelt Delisle) (1675-1726), who was from a family of cartographers and was a pupil of mathematician and astronomer Jean Dominique Cassini (who among other important work, aligned the study of astronomy to the study of geography). Guillaume de l’Isle was elected to l'Academie Royale des Sciences (French Academy of Science) at the age of 27, and in 1718 was the first appointed Geographer to the King, Premier Geographe du Roi. He was a prolific mapmaker and apparently drew his first map at the age of 9. His meticulous effort in achieving accuracy in his maps, earned him recognition as the first scientific cartographer and the foremost geographer of his time.

These maps are in good condition - both with a vertical fold which facilitated their inclusion in a smaller publication. These maps do not have stark white background which was inadvertently set when combining images for this illustration. They are currently framed in wonderful pitted poplar frames. Framed cost is $2,950 for the pair.

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