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Captain Cook's Voyages. Tallis Map. World on Mercators Projection c1851

Captain Cook's Voyages. Tallis Map. World on Mercators Projection c1851


by Tallis & Company, John

The World on Mercator's Projection, showing the Voyages of Captain Cook Round the World. This is one of the most sought-after world maps. It is relatively small, decorative (embellished with finely engraved border and vignettes of Cook's Endeavour and Implements from the Pacific Islands - and it shows Captain Cook's three voyages around the world.

Published circa 1851-3 for their General Atlas, Tallis and Company established their reputation in both London and New York as publishers of high quality books and grand atlases, by illustrating them with fine steel engravings, and embellishing each with small engraved "vignettes". Their maps were surrounded by finely engraved borders, and small engravings of important cities, native flora, fauna and people.

The publishing firm of Tallis flourished from 1835 to 1860. Tallis maps were among the last decorative maps published, as this extra labour-intensive skilled work added considerably to the cost of production. Although the outlining of the countries and the watercoloured wash to the coastlines was also done at the time of publication, the vignettes and finely engraved border and cartouche of this map have been hand-tinted with watercolour at a later date, which certainly adds to its decorative appeal.

Map approximate size is 28 x 36 cm (11 x 14 inches) (with no central fold).

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