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Large Kent antique map by John Cary circa 1805

Large Kent antique map by John Cary circa 1805

by Cary, John

Superb John Cary map of Kent c1805. Original copperplate-engraved map, drawn and engraved by John Cary for "The New British Atlas" published in London circa 1805 by John Stockdale. John Cary (c1754-1835) was one of the finest cartographers of English county maps, and was commissioned to survey all the major roads of England. Cary's finely engraved and lettered county maps contain the latest surveyed geographical information, and are recognisable for their “modern” style and clarity of engraving, omitting the extra embellishments of earlier mapmakers. Cary was a well-respected maker of maps and globes.

This map has later fine hand-tinting with watercolour, which certainly enhances the details of the engraved map. This is a large map, necessitating the scanning in halves. If you would like further information, please let us know.

To its engraved border, the map measures 345 x 515mm (approximately 13.5 x 20.25 inches).

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