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North-West Part of France with most frequented routes to Paris, c1802

North-West Part of France with most frequented routes to Paris, c1802

by Laurie & Whittle

Beautiful large antique map of France. Laurie & Whittle c1802. A New Map of the North-West Part of France divided into its Departments With the most frequented Routes to Paris. Published 24th July, 1802 by Laurie & Whittle, No. 53 Fleet Street, London (Successors to the late Mr Sayer.) Superb, large map of France, with roads from Paris in all directions. It also shows the sea routes between France and England. With the clarity of wording it is easy to read, and would be one of the finest maps to hang on the wall for any lover of travel in France.

From Thomas Kitchin's map of 1790, Laurie and Whittle have created a large, elegant map with their distinctive beautiful soft-coloured wash differentiating each department, outlining of each region, and addition of coloured wash to the ocean, coastline, and cartouche. The picture does not do it justice.

Approximate size, with vertical and horizontal fold, 62 x 82 cm (24 x 32 inches). Measurement to plate mark around map is almost as large. There is slight vertical creasing about one third across map from left at top - but it is not severe enough to be distracting. The rear of double fold corner of this map have been reinforced with archival tape. The map price reflects its condition.

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