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Thibet, Mongolia and Mandchouria. Tibet, Mongolia & Manchuria. Tallis c1853

Thibet, Mongolia and Mandchouria. Tibet, Mongolia & Manchuria. Tallis c1853

by John Tallis & Company

Original antique map drawn and engraving on steel by John Rapkin. Illustrations by H. Winkles & Engraved by G. Greatbach. Published in London circa 1854 by The London Printing and Publishing Company. Finely engraved vignettes: Dwelling of Tessaling Lama, Shigatki. Mausoleum at Teshoo Loomboo. Mongol Noble. Leh, Little Thibet. Chinese Wall.Fortress and Palace of Dalai Lama, Lassa.

Tallis and Company established a reputation in both London and New York as publishers of high quality books and grand atlases, by illustrating them with fine steel engravings. The distinctive Tallis style incorporates decoratively engraved 'cartouche' titlepieces, borders and 'vignette' scenes relative to the subject or area depicted. Maps included views, flora, fauna and people. In 1853 John Tallis with Ephraim Tipton Brain established The London Printing and Publishing Company.

As principal engraver of maps and prints for Tallis, John Rapkin’s finesse was greatly responsible for the Company’s reputation as publishers of accurate and visually attractive maps. Illustrations decorating the maps, portraits and views were drawn and then engraved by skilled craftsmen - in reverse from a mirror image. Engraving illustrations was expensive. In 1865 Tallis was among the last of the publishers of beautifully decorated maps and prints.

In good condition except for slight foxing spot at base. This map has central vertical fold to facilitate a smaller publication. Page measures 270 x 350mm (10 5/8 x 14 inches). Unfortunately it is too large for this scanner: full size one will be uploaded soon.

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