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Prussiae nova tabula. Prussia, Poland, Baltics. Cluver, c1711

Prussiae nova tabula. Prussia, Poland, Baltics. Cluver, c1711

by Cluver, Philipp

Antique map of Prussia, Poland, Baltic States.. c1711. Prussiae nova tabula. (Prussia with new information). Decorative allegorical cartouche and compass rose. Philipp Cluver. London, c1711.

Original copperplate-engraved map engraved by John Harris for Universam Geographiam (Universal Geography) by Philippi Cluverii. First published in 1624 and reissued many times until 1755, this actual map was published in 1711 by Joannis Nicholsoni. This larger edition of 1711 has more geographical detail and place names, and the added decorative appeal of classical cartouches. Cartographers of this edition were some of the most important map-makers of the period and include John Senex, Herman Moll and John Harris. All the maps were based on the smaller maps of Philip Cluver.

Phillip Cluver (1580-1622) contributed greatly to knowledge of historical geography, and is considered to be the father of scientific geography. Born in Gdaask (Danzig) in Prussia (Poland). Cluver studied law at Leiden University before turning his attention to cartography.

This is a beautiful map with fine later hand-colour. To external edge of map border measures 265 x 325mm (approximately 10 1/2 x 12 3/4 inches). Page measures 280 x 355mm (11 x 14 inches). Unfortunately the lower border is right at the edge of the page. This is a beautiful map on rather fine paper. The price reflects its condition.



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