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Empire of Germany (Northern Portion) by Keith Johnston F.R.S.E. c1861

Empire of Germany (Northern Portion) by Keith Johnston F.R.S.E. c1861


by Johnston, Keith

Germany between Baltic Sea, Bohemia, Netherlands, France, Poland.. c1861. Northern Portion, German Empire antique map by Keith Johnston F.R.S.E., engraved and printed by W. & A.K. Johnston, Edinburgh, and published by William Blackwood & Sons, Edinburgh & London for Keith Johnston's "The Handy Royal Atlas of Modern Geography " published circa 1861.

William Johnston (1802-1888) started as an engraver and printer in 1825 and founded the family publishing firm of W. & A.K. Johnston when he was joined in 1826 by his younger brother (Alexander) Keith Johnston (1804-1871). In 1932 Sir William Johnston was appointed Lord Provost of Edinburgh, convenor of the City of Edinburgh local authority. Being particularly interested in physical geography, after university Keith Johnston trained with international geographers, including Alexander von Humboldt. In 1841 his first atlas “National Atlas of General Geography” was published, resulting in his 1843 appointment as Geographer Royal for Scotland. He adopted the title of “Geographer at Edinburgh in Ordinary to the Queen”.

In 1848 William Blackwood & Sons published Keith Johnston’s grand Physical Atlas, with wonderful engravings illustrating all aspects of comparative life and geography around the world. A larger edition was published in 1856. In 1850 Johnston’s Dictionary of Geography was published, and in 1855 Keith began The Royal Atlas of Modern Geography which was published in 1861.

This wonderfully detailed map has contemporary pen outlining of regions. Unfortunately the scanner is not large enought o show the full margins, but they are as published. The map measures approximately 325 x 425mm (11.75 x 16.75 inches) and page, 37 x 46cm (14.5 x 18 inches).

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