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Royaume de France (Kingdom of France) antique map, c1820.

Royaume de France (Kingdom of France) antique map, c1820.

by Herisson, Eustace

Finely engraved hand-coloured antique map of France, divided into 36 Departments by Herisson 1820. Royaume de France divise en 36 departmens par Herisson 1820.

Original finely engraved map by engraver, geographer and hydrographer, Eustache Herisson, who flourished as a map-maker between 1785 and 1823. This map was printed circa 1820 by engraver Barriere, le pere (1764-1823) (the father). It is a wonderful antique map with regions (departments) named, and major cities highlighted, and with the traditional longitudinal meridian lines showing the distance from Paris. 

Following the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789, the modern departments of France were created in 1790, by the National Constituent Assembly, partly to weaken the old military and historical loyalties of the provinces and create a more coherent and loyal national system. Each department was run by an elected general council, presided over by a commissioner representing the central government. The departments were subdivided into arrondissements, eachof which was under the administration of a subprefect. Arrondissements were also further subdivided - created in 1800 to take the place of earlier districts.

To the outside of the border measure 265 x 275mm (approximately 10.5 x 10.75 inches). This map has fine later colour.

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