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Half-price decorative Tallis map of Independent Tartary c1853.

Half-price decorative Tallis map of Independent Tartary c1853.

by John Tallis & Company

Original  Tallis map of Independent Tartary c1853 - surrounded by Russia in Europe, Russia in Asia, Chinese Empire, Cabool and Persia. This antique map of Tartary, decorated with small engraved vignettes of of The Bride Chase - A Marriage Custom of the TartarsThe Tent, and Tartars on a Journey, all surrounded by a pretty, finely engraved border. The Map was drawn and engraved by John Rapkin, with the illustrations by W. Bragg engraved by J. Rogers, for John Tallis & Compny, London & New York. This map has fine hand-colour to the vignettes.

Although John Tallis was the driving force behind Tallis & Company, John Rapkin was responsible for the Tallis reputation for publishing accurate finely engraved maps. Tallis combined the science of geography with art to present stylish informative maps of all the regions of the world - each more interesting and decorative because of  their exquisitely engraved borders and vignettes of related views, fauna and people. Tallis were among the last publishers of decorative atlases and books, as fine engraving was skilled work that was slow and costly.

This is a very interesting map, measuring 268x 355cm (10 1/2 x 14 inches), with central vertical fold to facilitate a smaller publication. Unfortunately there is remnants of cellotape that was used to repair a few small tears along the extremity of the page.

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