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50%-off antique map of Australia by George Cram c1890.

50%-off antique map of Australia by George Cram c1890.

by Cram, George

Australia & Tasmania. Geo F. Cram engraver and publisher Chicago Ill. Original engraved map, by the process of cereography, or wax engraving. This is an attractive antique map with interesting geographical notations throughout, a scale of miles, the areas of Australian mainland and Tasmania listed separately, and the population of Australia as 2,300,000 - with separate population for Tasmania as 126,220.

Towards the end of the 19th century the centre of map-publishing in the U.S. shifted from New York City to Chicago, with the establishment of Rand, McNally, and Cram firms. Geo. Cram and Rand, McNally were both noted for their efficient output of maps with short print runs, with maps that were updated with the latest geographical information available. States were highlighted by colour-printing.

On the reverse side there is a map of N.W. Africa, Marocco, Algeria & Tunis and the upper part of a map of Africa.

Page size is 295 x 370mm (11 7/8 x 14 1/2 inches). This map is in good condition except for slight age discolouration along the edges of the map, the slip of paper by which this map was attached to an atlas was glued along top edge of map (but this has been eased back to allow framing of whole map), and slight damage to edges of paper, including a nick out of the base of the page (which will be less obvious when framed if the backing board is similar colour to paper).

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