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Pacific Ocean winds antique map by Bellin c1753.

Pacific Ocean winds antique map by Bellin c1753.

by Bellin, Jacques Nicolas

Representation du Cours ordinaire des Vents de Traverse qui regnent sur les Cotes dans la grand Mer Du Sud.  Remarquez que les Fleches qui sont entre les Lignes montrant le cours ordinaire de ses Vents de Cote. (Representation of the Ordinary Course of Winds that prevail on the Coasts of the Pacific Ocean.  Shown by arrows between the lines showing the  ordinary course of Coastal Winds.)

Antique map of the Pacific Ocean engraved by Cosmant after Jacques Nicolas Bellin for Histoire Général des Voyages (General History of Voyages) published in Paris c1753 by Abbé Prévost. Tropical trade winds are shown based on Halley’s 17th century wind map, and the whole based on Herman Moll antique map of Pacific following William Dampier's voyage. Bellin’s work became an essential reference for future explorers, including James Cook. Australia (New Holland) is shown prior to Captain Cook’s charting of 1770, so no east coast of Australia and no New Zealand shown. California is still shown as an island.

Juan Fernández Island (off Chile at lower right) is where Moskito Indian 'Will' was marooned for 3 years, and retrieved by William Dampier and the privateer crew of Cygnet in 1684. Alexander Selkirk was marooned there early the following century... inspipration for Daniel Defoe's book "Robinson Crusoe".

With four vertical folds to accommodate size of publication, this map is in good condition. Page size is 25.5 x 38cm (10 x 15 inches). Map 15.5 x 30cm (6 x 11 3/4 inches).

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