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Captain Cook. East Coast of New Holland. French edition c1774

Captain Cook. East Coast of New Holland. French edition c1774

by Cook, Captain James

Captain Cook chart of east coast of Australia c1770. Carte de la Nouvelle Galles meridionale ou de la cote Orientale de la Nouvelle Hollande. Découverte et visitée par le Lieutenant J. Cook, Commandant de l'Endeavour, Vaifseau de sa Majesté en 1770. Cook's Chart of New South Wales, or the East Coast of New Holland. Discovered and Explored by Lieutenant J. Cook, Commander of His Majesty’s Bark Endeavour in the Year MDCCLXX.  James Cook. Paris, c1774.

Important antique map of Captain Cook's discovery and charting of the east coast of Australia. On the first of his three voyages around the world between 1768 and 1780, James Cook discovered the east coast of Australia. Between April 19 and August 22 in 1770, Cook claimed the land for England and named it New South Wales. Cook's ship Endeavour was damaged when it ran aground on one of the Hope Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. Endeavour was repaired where Cooktown now stands, in the Endeavour River, and this "Labrynth" region of dangerous reefs between Cape Flattery and Cape Weymouth was charted in a small additional map. After the repairs to his ship, Lieutenant Cook continued sailing north, outside the reef. Cook's charting of Australia's east coast was so accurate that his navigational records were used for over 100 years.

The unknown southern land (Terra Australis Incognita) was known as New Holland when the Dutch charted the west coast after being blown off course during voyages to the Spice Islands (Indonesia).  This is undoubtedly the most important Australian map as it resulted in European settlement in Australia. Cook's chart recording his discovery of the east coast of Australia was published in a number of countries.

This map has one horizontal fold and four vertical folds to accommodate publication in a smaller edition. The map has very slight offsetting of ink from map when folded but is otherwise in good condition on thick paper with wide margins. Size 47 x 82.5cm (18.5 x 32.5 inches) as issued. To border measures 35.5 x 77c cm (14 x 30.1/4 inches).

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