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Northern India, Himalaya or Snowy Mountains, and Tibet (Chinese Tartary). c1830

Northern India, Himalaya or Snowy Mountains, and Tibet (Chinese Tartary). c1830


India XI.  Engraved by J. & C. Walker. Published by Chapman & Hall, 186, Strand, April 6th 1836.. under the Superintendence of the Society of Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Gurry or Gurh, Fortification, Droog, Hill, Fort.  Poor, Town  Nuddy, River.  The heights above the Sea are expressed in Yards - with scales of British Miles and Indian Cosses (the latter being a measure of distance in India, varying from one and a quarter to two and a half English miles). Geography is highlighted by hachures for mountain ranges, and contemporary pen outlining of regions (from the time of publication), and within an engraved cross-banded border.

Antique map of northern India, with 1. British Territory at lower right:  2. Protected Seiks (Sirhind);  3. States of Gurhwal (& Sirmoor);  4. Dominion of Runjeet Singh (Cashmeer (Kashmire), Punjaub (Punjab), Lahore;  5. Dominion of China (Chinese Tartary, including Tibet);  6. Dominion of Nepaul (Nepal).  

Engravers, draughtsmen and publishers, John, Alexander and Charles Walker were known as J. & C. Walker, flourished in London from 1820-1895. They published their Royal Atlas with several reissues, and engraved many maps and charts for the British Admiralty. J & C Walker are best known for their work in conjunction with the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. (S.D.U.K.)

Printers crease at top left beyond intaglio impression, very slight offsetting and foxing on obverse side, but otherwise in good condition. Page measures 355 x 415mm (14 x 16 3/8 inches). The page is complete, with wide margins around the border, as issued.


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