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L'Asie pour la Concorde de la Geographie des different ages

L'Asie pour la Concorde de la Geographie des different ages

by Pluche, Noel Antoine

Pluche antique map of Asia, engraved by Lattre combining geography from different ages.

Early map combining geography from different ages, by N.A. Pluche. Engraved on copper by Jean Lattre c1764 (with later hand-colour). A small map by a French priest known as the Abbott, Noel Antoine Pluche (1688-1761), it was engraved for a pocket atlas published posthumously in Paris in 1764 by Freres Estienne (the Estienne Brothers).

Jean Lattre flourished as a mapmaker between 1743 and 1793. Lattre was a bookseller, engraver, and mapmaker who published a number of maps and atlases in conjunction with other cartographers, including Jean Janvier, Rigobert Bonne and Charles Fran├žois Delamarche in France, Santini in Italy, and William Faden in London. He was appointed Graveur Ordinaire du Roi (Engraver to the King) from 1776 to 1782. 

To its border this map measures 14 x 20cm (5 1/2 x 7 7/8 inches), on a page measuring 165 x 200mm (6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches). Printed on fine paper, there are vertical folds in this map (to accommodate publication in a pocket atlas), and there is a small conservation-repaired tear into the margin at left.

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