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India and Pakistan, from Karachi to Gulf of Khambhat c1887

India and Pakistan, from Karachi to Gulf of Khambhat c1887

by Mason & Payne.

INDIA 6. Pakistan, north-west of India, from Karachi and Mouths of the River Indus in the north, to Gulf of Cambay in the south. Decorative, clearly-notated map c1887 by Mason & Payne.

This very detailed antique map of India has the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Cambay (extending through the border of the map) on the left and Gurra Mundlah in the east. To the north it shows Marwa, Mewar, Harraoutee and Bundlecund, and extends in the south to Khandelish and Berrar. Geography is highlighted by hachures for mountain ranges, and contemporary pen outlining of regions (from the time of publication). 

Antique map with Telegraph Lines, Lighthouses, Forests, Railways. Tributary States are encircled with the colour of the Government to which they belong. Boundary of Districts encircled with a red line. Independent and Native Governed States are coloured in outline. British Territory full tinted. Bombay (Governorship), Central Provinces (chief Commissioner), N.W. Provinces (Lieutenant-Governor), Berar (Commissioner), Rajputana Agency, Central India Agency, Portuguese..

The lower edge of the page is slightly damaged, but otherwise this map is in good condition. Page measures 360 x 435mm (14 1/8 x 17 1/8 inches). The page is complete, with large margins around the border, as issued.

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