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Antique map of China and Birmah (Burma or Myanmar) c1860

Antique map of China and Birmah (Burma or Myanmar) c1860

by John Tallis & Company

Original antique map of China and Myanmar (Birmah), with finely engraved border and cartouche, drawn and engraved on steel by John Rapkin and published in London circa 1860 by The London Printing and Publishing Company (a partnership formed in 1853 by John Tallis and Ephraim Tipton Brain).

Tallis and Company was highly-regarded for the up-to-date geographical detail of their maps and the finely engraved decorative borders. The later pale border embellishment and map detail highlighting are complimentary to the style and period of the map, and certainly add to its decorativeness. The map is on fine paper and has two vertical and one horizontal fold to facilitate publication in a smaller edition.

This map is currently mounted between antique-white acid-free conservation board. We have not charged for this matt, and it can be unframed for postage if preferred. The window measures 260 x 335cm (10.25 x 13.25 inches). External measurement for framing is 425 x 505mm (16.75 x 20 inches).

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